The Lone Wanderer Staring into the Sunset

My first thing on Facepunch, hope it’s acceptable.

Its good and all, but maybe to exsivvive with the uh

bloom or blur?

I disagree It’s perfect, the best “first pose on Facepunch” I’ve ever seen, great job!

Very good for your first. The bloom is very excessive however, it could use some toning down.

“I shall now burn my retnas.”
Nice picture.

nicely done.

Very nice

I just don’t like the glare, even though it fills the space up.

The best.

nice job for a first one.


Concentrated awesomeness.

Holy Hell, I couldn’t even do that… And I’ve been here for. Erm, well… Not that long :v:

This is great!
Awesome First!