The Lonely Asian 2

Well, I finally finished it. The Lonely Asian is complete. Some of you who have seen the previous The Lonely Asian may be confused as to the title of the film. To clarify, this is technically the sequel to the original, but it shares the same name. Even though I said it’s a sequel, I like to think of it as a revised version. This version is in high definition and features many things that were missing from the original The Lonely Asian such as a basic plot, voice acting, real character acting and more. I hope you can enjoy this film as much as I did making it.

The credits show who helped and such. Thanks to noPE, M @ G 0 0, SPEED MASTER and Teh_Alchemist for voice acting. Thanks to Fockbox for supporting me throughout this ordeal and thanks to everyone else for server provision, advice, help and support.

Due to YouTube being bad as always, I recommend watching in 480p even though I went the extra mile to produce the film in 720p. Thanks for watching. Please note that no offense was intended towards Asia, it’s people, or any other ethnicity or race featured in the video. I do not support the actions of Adolf Hitler. The Lonely Asian is a hypocrite, that’s all.

After watching the finished product, I am happy with the advanced editing and production techniques I and several others ous Tto create such an immersive and atmospheric drama, with it’s deep plot and awesome special effects.

I unfortunately, in my rush to render the video, cut off the very end of the video (which has a little extra fading-to-black and music fading). I had too many tracks and I couldn’t see the whole thing. They don’t making monitors big enough. 5:4, I am disappointed. I apologise for any inconvenience I have caous Tand I hope this small error will not affect your viewing of this epic film.

The film follows a lonely Asian man on his quest to make new friends and promote racial equality through the harsh lands of America. There’s not much else I can say. I only hope your simple minds can comprehend the raw passion that is The Lonely Asian.

Good day.

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This is an alternative account.

I would like to reiterate that this is not an alternate account.

I would like to reiterate that this is not an alternate account.

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Stop it, sir.

If you guys like it enough, would you purchase this?

Words cannot describe how much of a masterpiece this movie is.

Thank you, Sabaton.


T-shirt is nearly as awesome as the movie… How much for it signed?

What a wonderful video, I cried a bit there at the end though it was amazingly beautiful.

Amazing feedback, guys. Thanks.

Will there be a lonely asian 3, possibly a saga of movies?

Yes, maybe. It depends how others like it.

Best. Video. Ever.

Didn’t stop for the stop sign at 2:30!!

Also, rest in ‘piece’…

I, for one, loved it and would love to see more, provided they live up to the same quality as the originals.

Thanks for ruining the film for everyone.

I want to have your babies.

Awesome. :smiley:

Yo, nigga. Welcome to work, dawg.