The Lonely Eldritch

Something I made to get things out of my head, it’s a recurring nightmare I’ve been having. I think it represents loneliness.

gimme tips on lighting pls

he just wants a friend

looks like he has two of them already

I don’t think it represents loneliness. I think it represents A FUCKING ABOMINATION WITH THREE FUCKING HEADS.


In the dreams, Dodedomen (the guy with 3 heads) doesn’t directly attack anyone (sometimes he does, but rarely. It’s also quite gruesome when he does), but being in his presence is apparently so terrifying that it causes you to become paralyzed and die of shock / terror.

Personally, I think it’s a metaphor, that the horrific abominations and the warped bone structure don’t describe his personality very well, he is too ugly on the outside to be recognized for what he is on the inside, and thus people hide from him, and he is lonely. He’s probably not aware that catching people in the open can kill them, and he doesn’t understand why people hide from him, because he cannot see himself.

So yeah, I guess you could say he does just want a friend. He doesn’t know he’s killing people. It’s a warped, twisted cycle.

In all seriousness, it could be, but I’m no psychiatrist/psychologist.

Anyway, it’s rather creepy, which I assume was the picture’s intent.