The Lonely one. Praetorian

This is a Praetorian from Mass Effect…


Pic theme :smiley:

I could really use some feedback :smiley:

and ps. why the ** won’t it show my pictures? :frowning:

pss. can someone give me some tips about how to make the blood look like real blood?

bad font use…you should probably only use one type of font and try not to make it too fancy with all the drop shadows and what not

oh okay, was a bit scared about the font tho, couldn’t decide.
so I just pick’d both :smiley: but what about the picture? :slight_smile:

its not bad for a start though…for blood just take photos from google and paste them in then choose the layer style as multiply

thank you. :slight_smile:
-oh okay, thank you, I was kinda worried about that.