The Lonely Road

           Thread Music.

Inspired by the above song, Fallout 3, and The Book of Eli. Original image.

Don’t be Everlast don’t be Everlast.

Seriously though, I like it.

nice pic

I take it you’re not an Everlast fan then, Hunter :<

First of all, that load-bearing vest model is Horrible.

Secondly, it’s just a guy walking along; Nothing is happening. The scenery isn’t really all that interesting even and there’s nothing noteworthy. I do like the bloom and colour settings though, fits the atmosphere of the map rather nicely.

Thirdly, that model’s stubble looks more like a dirt stain and isn’t even aligned with his jawline. He also looks rather out of place and more like an irregular war fighter than a post apocalyptic scavenger.

Something is just not right about his legs.