The Lonely Stoner seems to Free his Mind at Night (Garry's Mod/TTT Machinima)

Join stgggs, demu, Vorpal, Shogun, Mameshiba, Soli, Fockbox, and Pommy in this psychological thriller sure to leave you on the edge of your seat. Mystery and deception are all around our heroes as they are caught up in a dasterdly murderous plot. Betrayals, gore , and a plot twist you just have to see to believe; this video has something to make even the most hardened viewers cringe.

'The most astonishingly impudent, ingenious and altogether successful mystery story since ‘tactical elite crime solving agency.’ Observer

‘The whole thing is utterly impossible and utterly fascinating. It is the most baffling mystery stgggs has ever written.’ New York Times

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We really need to call this section “Garry’s Mod media”

I still love your group’s videos though.

Wallhacks on OCRP?

This is funny. Although the wall hacks are kinda…dumb.

Made me kinda lul