The Lonely Traveler: Elios Feliqoi

Another Vortigaunt Chronicle introduction.

Ehl-lee-ohs Feh-lee-koy

No tl;dr. It ruins it. If you’re too lazy to read, at least comment on the picture.

Great posing, lighting, etc. You get a artistic, my friend.

I know I always say this, but I think this is the best entry yet.


Oops, almost forgot to pronunciate it.

As usual, your Vortigaunt lore is always a pleasure to read. Great stuff Ben.

Thanks Barnes.

I continually wish there was a way for those Vortigaunts to be finger posable minus the issues. :saddowns:

Nice depth-of-field.

Look good, was the lighting done on gmod?

Awesome yet again, nice story too.

Imagine what you could do if the vorts were finger posable

I’d be one step above God. :v:

Most of it is thanks to the Episode 2 map’s lighting. But I did a little photoshopping too.


Awesome but I miss those cool tatoos D:

Given his background, I didn’t feel much of a need for it.

Thanks though.

That looks rather nice, have a palette.

Good story, and I hope the ‘planned’ story ends up being good as well. Not that I am doubting.