The long awaited fix for Cannonfodder's StudioCompiler!

Well, I was fucking around today with XVI32, and decided to see if I couldn’t fix the “steamapp 211” error that’s been bugging me. I know about the fix where you change your gameinfo.txt, but it was just such a pain. Here is the proper method for fixing your StudioCompiler.exe.

FIRST - Download StudioCompiler (if you haven’t already) from
SECOND - Download XVI32 from
THIRD - You are now ready to begin. Open XVI, and then use it to open
Once you’ve done that, scroll down until you’re at location 566,620 (decimal). This should be the T of TOOLSAPID. Change this to an F. Exit and save. You shouldn’t get that error message anymore.

Hopefully this (shitty) walkthrough helped you a little bit.
It isn’t pretty, but it works. Sorry about the shitty not-awesomeness of this tutorial…


Here’s the fixed .exe for people too lazy/stupid to do it themselves.;5191522;;/fileinfo.html

Ah. I thought this was an update to the tools but ah well.


Wrong error xD

I use the hacked compiler instead. I guess they did that to it, and i wouldn’t call it “hacked”.

You should probably just post your fixed version here. It’s better for us lazy people (though I have a fixed one already).

Heh, maybe you should’ve posted it ya lazy bum.

Ontopic: If this works, I’ll spread the word on FPSB, CDG and STS. And I will love you forever. And ever. And ever.

Good point :smiley:

Good to know this. And yay i’m unbanned again.;5191522;;/fileinfo.html

Merry June 26th!

Yay. Now I can link idiots to the Hacked StudioCompiler instead of telling them to search it.

Glad I could help.

I went to 566,620 but I see no toolsapid

What version of StudioCompiler do you have?

Erix920 already made a fixed EXE.

You don’t need to do any of this. Simply go into the game folder your SDK is set to (mine is CSS). So I go into the CSS folder and open the file called gameinfo.txt, I scroll for the AppID211 line and delete it. Problem solved and studio compiler works great.

Lol. No offense, but that was pretty stupid. I can’t even express how much without getting banned or similar. This is a permanant fix to that problem.

Slip777’s fix is permanent too. Some people are actually too stupid to even look at CannonFodder’s forums to find the problem.

I’m aware of the fix, but every time you run CSS or hl2 it rewrites that line, so after every use of css you have to change it back. Also, you can’t run the SDK with that line deleted, so you have to re-write it or back it up. This is an all-around fix.

Awesome, thank you!
Is there some fix for it to work without steam too?

I think it requires steam to be running to access the .gcf of the sdk, but I’m not sure.