The Long Shot

Another poster I made up. This time its with DoD:S. Again, C & C, trying to make future art work better.

That’s not a very long shot.

True, but perhaps in the movie there would be?

“Diference” is actually spelled “Difference”. Besides that nice picture.

this is why I phailed spelling in elementry school.

Lol I’m back, and this time with some more tips.
The German’s posing is pretty stiff, but Day of Defeat people are bitches to pose in general, so that explains.
As stated, not a long shot. I see what you meant, though.
Finger posing may need some work.
You misspelled “difference”

Aside from the finger posing, the sniper’s posing in general is great. A good poster, and now I don’t even have to click to see the whole thing! :v:
You keep this up and you’ll be getting even better.

longshot my butte

Consterned nazi is consterned.

“Long shot for the visually impaired.”

And the German looks like he’s sniffing his hand after scratching his arse.

He has a Kar98k for a dick?

He’s holding the Kar98k in his left hand at his side, and about to be holding his head with his right.