The Longest Day - Omaha Beach (Trailer)

Here is my First Movie-Trailer and the Movie is coming soon!
Hope you enjoy it!


Could prove interesting if you work out the fighting animations well. The scenery and camera angle ideas look good - you may want to consider trying to use one of those moving camera stools for a smoother camera travel in this since it seems so serious

Best cam tool out there. You simply don’t make a movie without it.

There you go

Omg i jizzed in my pants :smiley: this tool is awesome! thanks for giving it to me!

You are welcome. Now go forth and make amazing movies:hist101:

Yea you got potential but no one can really showcase any good camera angles when they’re using the Camera swep. Gleh, it’s bad.

Catmull-rom cameras are really the only thing you should use when making a movie. Static cameras should be used less. Especially in a war film

Excellent song choice though, Two Steps from Hell is FANTASTIC.

I made a war film myself that looks similar to this, however it uses catmull-rom cameras. Here’s a link:
Maybe you can get some inspiration.

Yeaaaah :smiley: awesome :wink: