The Loose End (Comic, CYOA-ish)

A remake of an old Gmod comic I did about 4 years ago. This time with actual editing and a story that isn’t a generic “STOP NUCLEAR MISSLEBOMB, USA IS DOMINATE” story that you see in COD games. Loose End/TheLooseEndE1F1.png Loose End/TheLooseEndE1F2.png Loose End/TheLooseEndE1F3.png Loose End/TheLooseEndE1F4.png

[h2]To be continued. No, seriously, like, for real.[/h2]
[del]how cliche[/del]

(Also, CC would be highly appreciated. And yes, I know my posing skills are shit.)

Way way way too much text in those speech bubbles in a font that is small and hard to read. Take some time and read this. I think you’ll get a lot out of it if you really read it and take it to heart.

Other suggestions…
Get rid of the interactive component. Just throw it out and make up your own damn mind about how you want your story to be told.
I don’t know what you were trying to do with the overlays and desaturation, but all of it is making it worse.

I wouldn’t be taking the time to write this if I didn’t think you had something worth critiquing. Keep improving.

After procrastinating for several days after actually taking screenshots I got around to editing them.

So here it is.

[del](The law of Chekhov’s Gun is now in effect hinthint)[/del]

Tank rampage.

I can see you didn’t actually read the tutorial.