The lost heavy!

Another contribution. Really quick one, though :slight_smile:

Heavy finds himself in a kind of grassy and flat-terrained area. He’s looking around wondering “How I get here?”

The map in this one is not the big part. The part you should focus on is the posing :slight_smile:


Sadly, this one was made without the Physics Mod, because I had to reinstall GMod :frowning:

you really like the heavy dont you :P?
plus i think you should try useing depth, might make the pic look better.

You shouldn’t mix tf2 graphics people with the hl2 maps.
You shouldn’t use flatgrass unless you can hide the fact that it is flatgrass (aka a scenebuild)
the posing is mediocre, but thats mostly because of the camera angle.
There is nothing going on in the picture, which makes it kinda pointless…

He’s fun to pose, because there are so many scenarios you can put him in. Kinda like the sniper and the scout :slight_smile:


I know. I bought GMod with TF2, and by PC can’t handle TF2 maps very good :frowning:
I dunno, but maybe I could make a map with TF2 textures myself, and use in GMod? Just with some basic textures?