The Lost Island --- Sr_Cletus --- Wrongful ban.

I walked into a shack with missing walls and roof. I changed the name on a strangers sleeping bag and I turned around and walked out. Seconds later to be banned with no explanation. If that is why, I understand and am very sorry and will not do it again. Been on the server two days with two friends, both of which did not have any issues. No hacks, exploits, glitches or cheats used… ever… Player name is Ryan. Please if you see this HELP ME!!! lol
Thank you for your time,

Ryan Cavers.

Did you get server banned? If so, contact the server admin, not here.
Now, if it is an EAC or Vac ban, that’s different

It was a server ban as far as I know. The only reason I posted here is because I found the server here: and clicked on Rust Forum and got directed to here. It’s a shot in the dark I know, but I had to at least try. If there is a better way to get in contact with this admin please let me know as I was unable to find any contact information.
Thank you very much for your time,

Ryan Cavers.

Any server bans you receive, you need to find a way to contact the owners. No one here can help you with that.

If it’s an official server ban, you probably won’t ever get it undone.

it seems petty to be banned for changing a sleeping bag name; especially when you can simply change it back.

i figure it was something else, but that is between you and the owner. as suggested, find a way to contact them directly. if that doesn’t bear fruit, i would just move to a new server.

Thank you guys for your time. I don’t think changing the bag name had anything to do with it, but it is the only thing I did so I thought I would mention it. It is likely that is was ping related that triggered something in the anti cheat, but alas I may never know. Maybe I will get lucky and he will see his name and his server name in the title, but if not, at least I tried.

Again, thanks for your time.
Best Wishes,