The lost viking.

Yep, so the new update is awesome, because the best class finally got its update. And demoman happen to be my favorite class!
So without further ado, I bring to you.
The lost viking, now in 3 different versions!

And without the dof, I thought it looked cool.

And then one with a phun.

Please C&C and don’t be afraid to leave a comment even if it isn’t C&C :wink:

Awesome! The Demo-Man has always been my favorite class too you know :3:
Great pictures By the way!
Arty’d Because their sexy.

Thank you.
I just love charging people then chopping their heads off before they can even react.
Stickys aint got shit on the claymore.

So Enhanced_AI TF2-ized Ilwrath…

Yeah but something fucked up and it changed his race, wrong formula I guess.

I’m loving the picture Mjans.

I’d call it more of a celtic, good though.

We gonna juice this town moddafucka. We gonna clean it out you know what I’m saying. Yea stereo type rant:)

I think in the year 795 that glowing eye would have him worshipped as a minor god.


his bottom half looks aliased.

Jesus, I really fucked up on the isolation there.
I’ll see if I can fix it.

Heads, heads, heads, heads, heads, heads!
Like it all but the mouth posing… Looks a bit stretched.

Enhanced_AI ?
what does that do?

Any more comments?

It makes screenshots, personal skins, and comments. :buddy:

Isolation is a wee bit weird in places. Pretty good. Don’t like the eye.

I’ll see about trying to fix the isolation later on. I noticed some white outline on his feet aswell.