The lost watchtower of Amon Sûl.

Lord of the Rings, where Frodo got stabbed by that knife-thingy and Aragorn set that guy on fire


I’m not too sure about the lighing though, considering it was night at the time. Fingerposing is a bit wonky as well.

I know it’s the worst excuse but the models’ fingers are only fingerposeable to that extent

Ah, very well.

A quick edit could have fixed that though.

That’s why I said it’s the worst excuse, the real problem is I made hundreds of layers called “nazgul pimp 1” and “nazgul pimp 2” so after a while I just couldn’t find stuff and I did not want to edit some stuff after I flattened them

Nice to see some LoTR stuff - I wish I still had these models.

The lighting is odd though, can’t work out why exactly but it feels harsh on the eyes.

more lotr stuff would be amazing. good stuff.


Awesome fire, Aragorn is wearing the wrong shit though.

That’s way better.

Holy damn shit.

The fire from the torch looks kind of odd, but the rest of the fire looks good. Great picture overall.

I want to see some Balrog in the next one. Best damn scene in the films if you ask me.

The fire and smoke editing looks really pasted on, and some other color apart from red would have been nice.

It could also use some darker contrast in the background, it doesn’t really look like night.

Not one of your best I’m afraid.

I understand your comment about the smoke, but the color is because I needed focus on the subject there