The Lost World

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I dunno man, we seem to have found it.

Very pretty as usual!

I would love to play a fallout level or some similar game level that looks like that.

Requires more Goldblum

Wow, amazing work Mask, simply amazing!

Whoaaa! That looks liek something you’d see in a game informer!

I love this




It’s not like there would be a map that really looks like that, or is there?

didn’t saw any that look like this.
i wonder why mappers aren’t using
more ported props to make their
maps look less source.
it’s a scenebuild. and thanks for all
the nice comments.

Not enough Velociraptor.
Would not visit island.


Epic win, good sir!

“Taking dinosaurs off this island is the worst idea in the long, sad history of bad ideas… and, uh, I’m going to be there when you learn that.” - Ian Malcolm

I absolutely love this. I’m a huge JP fan and seeing this totally made my day. Wonderful job. Pretty please can I get the map name? Also, are those vehicles indeed from the MOH2010 pack and Stalker packs, or do my eyes deceive me?

thank you!
i totally love the turok series. especially the first two parts,
where most of my inspiration come from. i didn’t even thought
one second about jurassic park 2.
we need waay more scenebuild props. more plants, moss, leaf,
roots and such stuff. and more grounds would be awesome.
roads, walkways, small hills. anyways … the map is
“gm_flatgrass_dark” v2. perfect scenebuild map because of the
fact that the sky is black but the fog tool works nontheless.
set your fog color, which sets the mood of the scene. combine
that with the color tool and some carefully placed lamp(s)
and there you go. the vehicles are indeed from those ports
aswell from the metro 2033 port. (the bus for example)

i really like this
my only complaint is it’s not so lost; it’s right there

i’m looking at it
i found it

what dinosaur model is that!!! WANT! no…NEED!

It’s a Clannfear from Oblivion.
the model pack which included also a troll, ogre
and some other models from oblivion seem to have
vanished. i downloaded that pack one week ago
from weird …