The love hasn't end.

Music thread :

I hope you enjoy.

Our love is end

Sad man is died

Sad women fall over man died

darling i am now die

Dead guy shot dead

My husband is die, My revenge is begin.

It shouldn’t be so fun to read grammatical failures.

But it still is!

your love has DEAD, but your revenge is begin

In my heart, you will life forever and not be die.

poor dead of the guy and woman sad

I just noticed the womans expression in the 1st pic, thats hilarious

A dude was walkin2 work wit his gf n they were crossin da rode

he sed “bbz will u luv me 4evr”

she said “NO…”“

da guy cryed N ran across da rode b4 da suit man came on the sine.

gurl was cryin and went to pic up his body.

he was ded.

she whispered 2 his corpse “I ment 2 sey i will luv u FIVE-ever…” (dat mean she luv him moar den 4evr)

Every panel I find something hilarious about this.

First panel is her bucktooth expression that screams “bby no pls”

Second panel is him bitchslapping her one more time before he dies, also feathers emit from her orifices apparently.

Third panel is a post-mortem blowjob, because a hustler hustles even after he’s smoked, dawg.

Let’s just say I imagined this entire scene as a pimp shootout.

dead is not end

dead is only start

love is not dead

love is live forever

in heart

I love how the OP didnt even comment.

Till DIE do us part.

This just the begin. Love live till end. Revenge is will be.