The Lua Scripting Inspiration Thread

Here’s a list of lua projects ideas:

[li]Admin mod plugins (Evolve, Exsto, etc)[/li][li]Basic SWEP (explode where you click, prop throwing, etc)[/li][li]Basic SENT (Jumping Bathtub, etc)[/li][li]HUD replacement[/li][li]Basic networking script (e.g. PM system using Usermessages)[/li][/ul]

[li]Admin mod[/li][li]Inventory system[/li][li]Gamemode[/li][/ul]

[li]Decent admin mod[/li][li]Decent gamemode (advanced gamemode dynamics, etc)[/li][li]Chatbox replacement[/li][li]Animations[/li][/ul]

Feel free to post more and I’ll add them to the list.

I would add:
Decent Gamemode onto Advanced.

A simple hook script?
Make it so if a floor turret is hit with explosive damage, it explodes like a rollermine. I’m actually making this. Maybe someone will make this in a better way than me.


Only now I bothered to upload, had it done the day I posted…
Extract to lua/autorun/server

Set CVar “floor_turret_explosions” to 0 to disable, 1 to enable.

I think there should be something really specific regarding networking in GMod in the beginner section. It’s best that people learn how the Client and Server work and how they communicate as soon as possible.

Added 2 suggestions.

Advanced best anti-cheat in lua.

Not really advanced :v:

Stupid GMod hack/esp/aimbot

Metroid Prime gamemode where you play through the entirety of Metroid Prime.

AKA what I’m working on.

^ da fu.

Uh… data storage? ( networking in the same category)

some people are really stupid, all i gotta say.

and libraries.

A chat-box isn’t advanced

More-so a pain in the ass to do

Add making a vgui prefab to the list, it’s a beginner thing :frog:

A script that grabs Player names, steamIDs, and IP addresses on a timed collection, and appends them to a file. Beginner/Intermediate.

Agreed, it’s just time consuming, gets a little harder when you add more features like smile support and text wrapping, but other than that it’s some panels and function override.

I’d change it, but I have a month ban :downs:


oh you

Shouldn’t really plan on making a text box unless you already have text wrapping worked out as it’s kind of an important thing for a chatbox, I’d say high-end intermediate for a simple one.

Dear god, Your alive Averice. I thought you died.