"The lucky ones die first." Survivor of a nuclear holocaust.


I think it turned out alright. Everything is posed, they weren’t just thrown on the ground.

That poor door was thrown on the ground :C

Poor lip and skinless survivor. Like the use of blur. Some might say to much but I think it’s ok. A little more props to give the eye something to look at. A bit empty but have an artistic.

I knew it would’ve been about Ghouls.

Holy shit :S that looks awful… I mean the dude…
I would kill myself if I ended like that… Or I would look for a mask and go on a killing spree like Jason or save the world like all those masked ugly heros xD

he doesn’t look in much pain

I would’ve posed him on his knees struggling for air or something

wow, this must suck.

“Need anything, smoothskin?”

“Get out of here, Stalker.”
Wait… Wrong game…
Well, it looks a bit “empty” and I don’t like the amount of DoF :saddowns:
He should also be posed a tad differently in my opinion.

I expected something good when I read the thread titel.
. . . I found crap.
Dude it doesnt look like a nuclear holocaust it looks like somebody is walking trough the desert. The DOF hurts my eyes and the posing sucks. The random cars in the background doesnt make the picture better.


You rated yourself agree. I can tell. The cars were flipped from the blast, there’s dead people on the ground burned from radiation, one still alive trapped underneath an axis, and one badly burned man walking away in a twlight state. Yep, definitely doesn’t look like a nuke hit here at all.:mmmhmm:

Doesn’t really look like he’d be able to survive looking like that.

I would like to see more shambling, and less DoF

Like Latin_Geek said, he needs to look like he’s stumbling, but that model is kinda stiff so I don’t blame you. Needs more editing.

Needs a bit of bloom, the whole thing and idea is just nice.

well, he looks abit uncomfortable.

it’s ok though



In other words my pictures fail without your edits