The Lusty Argonian Maid

Greetings once again Facepunch.

I’m here today to bring you something I had for over a year collecting dust among my other projects-that-I-totally-should-get-to-once-I-have-enough-free-time.

It is obviously one of the most wanted models when it comes to remaking your most favorite moments of the book that started it all.

The Lusty Argonian Maid

The model has:
-Bodygroups for Hair, Feathers, Brows.
-Skingroups for Eyes.

I did the best I could to make the model have less seams that could effect your posing capabillities. But it should be enough to not notice if you know what you’re doing.


Credits: Ellis :P/KiddyCorky for getting it together.
oogaboogaman for the Nude Argonian model and the tools needed to put together this release.
RustledJimmys for the comic.
Bethesda for their Gamebryo V2 engine.
anano (from Skyrim Nexus) for his Osare Maid Outfit mod.

skyrim: digitalero edition

Rustled Jimmies. I realize EXACTLY what that Comic is supposed to be.

And I love it.


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Oh god the comic haha.

The last panel took the cake ^^

I’m really getting to Chivalrous for this. Thanks for the oppurtunity Ellis!

Nice release. I especially loved the comic.


Haha, the first picture made my day :v:

Nice release though.

More like typical TES Modding Edition. Where do you think the DE folks got all their shit from?

I completely forgot I had fixed the biggest seam in the torso and didn’t pack it. Though now the link’s replaced with V2 which includes the fix and an extra skingroup for the outfit so enjoy.