The Lusty Friend

Serah - Umm Vanille?
Vanille - Hmm?
Serah - Have you like… ever kissed a girl?
Vanille - Eh? N… No. Not really though about it that way.
Serah - Really! Let’s drink more Jägermeister.

Not sure who is most popular. Vanille or Serah. The general gaming community is split on the issue it seems.
I hold a finger on Vanille as I adore red heads. Although the last FF game I played was Final Fantasy X.


reminds me of a really terrible fanfiction i read once

Make up your mind. Over sexualization or bad fan fiction?

Well, yeah, the sexualization of Serah and Vanille is really, really, really out of character but I’m assuming you weren’t really paying attention to that while you were posing this (mind must’ve been on other things)

Didn’t realize I was off your ignore list lol

You was never off it. I was just ignoring you.


I was ignoring you because you was rude Einstein.

Hey I’m not the one that got banned for it :^)

Who cares. People get banned. The unmerciful cruelty of life this is. How will we ever carry on?

But back to the pose. Slaughter or praise it at you leisure dear FP members.

Well, in Rastifan’s defense, what did you expect from a thread with that title?

Not overly fond of the bloom and, let’s face it, the pose is a bit simplistic. But it’s a nice picture anyhow.

Did not go for epic. Just your average casual pose with insecure, but lusty hot wannabe lesbians:quagmire:

Might go better on digitalero or something like that.

We deal in nude and porn poses. This is either. Where is your point?

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Forgot to mention. Not in game bloom, only diffuse glow in Photoshop.

My point? I simply said “it might go better” as in that community might like it more. They have a non-nude poses section and it doesn’t seem to be faring well on FP, judging by OP ratings.

i think the Jägermeister is pretty unpleasant in all honesty

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and i mean that as in it’s creepy not that i don’t like it

(because it is creepy)

Dhu! (Excuse the adolescent outburst) I created the forum for adult materials. Of course people will use it for adult poses. But I still don’t see how you consider this among the latter.
Is FP so fucking uptight now that even the slightest reference to eroticisms in the form of two girl holding hand enough to thick you off? Really???

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It’s not adult. I didn’t say it was. I’m not personally saying the post is bad or anything, I was just trying to give advice on posting.

Also, I didn’t notice you were Rastifan when I posted my first comment so I apologize for that.

Ah I see. Apologizes from my side as well then:wink:

do you seriously not understand how this could be creepy and kind of gross