"The LZ is too hot, we're falling back to cover, I repeat, we're falling back to cover!"



Yes those are French troops with the Famas, no they might not be accurate at all but I had to deal with the lack of model.

Course it’s not accurate. They should be using white flags. :v:

Good picture, though I don’t really like the white-white light shining on the guy.

I’ll whip up some french guys out of the C2 marines if you want me to bubba.
Nice pic as always.

Looks nice. The lighting is good in isolated places but, as a whole, it’s kinda confusing though and doesn’t help the composition at all. The character in the middle who is sharp and staring at the camera seems like he should be the focus of the image but the blurry dude getting shot has far more attractive and eye-drawing lighting because there’s a good range of contrasting values across his body, rather than just the mega shadows and mega highlights of the running dude.

Posing is a bit odd in places. The guy running looks… a bit painful. I can’t tell what direction he’s moving in or what his intended direction is. His right foot/ankle looks painful. Dude getting shot is pretty stiff.

Good work overall. Compositionally though I’ve seen better from you.

That would be cool but I doubt I’d use them a lot. So if you feel like it go ahead, I’ll make sure to pose them but you can take your time. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback Chesty, will come in handy when I’ll give firefight poses another shot!

awesome. i’d hope you could apply it to most things actually cos i didn’t actually mention anything about the firefight but lol whatever, take what you can from what criticism you get i guess. keep up the good work bro

Oh yup I’ll be working on fixing flaws on any future pic I could come up with, just in this case it’ll help me perfect hectic poses such as this firefight (mostly the focusing on the guy with contrast and stuff part)

some of the blood spats look a little off angle wise, also seeing as the bullets flew right through him wouldn’t you be able to see the bullet coming out of him aswell? (or at least the blur)

What do you mean? There’s a tracer on the right. The other one could just be offscreen or not noticeable (not every shot emits tracers)

Motherfucking cool, also nice use of sdof.

Any chance of Canadian soldiers? I can wish anyway…

As for the picture, French soldiers running away, alert the presses this is unprecedented!
It’s very nice, good work.

Oh, i wasn’t looking at the picture correctly, i just now realized the shots were coming from the left and not the right, my statement on the blood spats still stand, the one on the top exit hole looks as if its facing the camera, instead of the way it should be facing.

and and the bullet bit i mean the bullet trail like in this video

as you can see the bullet has a very long trail and since this is a action still frame the trail would be quite visible as the bullet cuts through the air.

Oh I see now, like some heat deformation thingy. Will keep that in mind, plus sounds like an easy job for the ingame morph tool. Thanks!

Serious question, if a tracer traveled through a body, would it cool down enough to not glow anymore?

What the fuck is up with that guy’s foot.

Probably not because the tracer is made of magnesium and as we’ve seen in these “Self relighting candles” that have magnesium infused wicks they relight

Posing and lighting are lovely.
At the backgound, did you use smoke from game or editing?

What’s with the M249 guy at the bottom right?

Looks like hes going to fire back at the opposing gunmen.

Ingame editing!