The Maestro Composes his Magnum Opus

Thread music:

Made this in a flash of inspiration while messing around with some stuff.

C&C welcome (yes, I know it lacks AA.My computer is an ol’ girl, be gentle):

He looks rather uncomfortable.

The scene is very nice though, lighting doesn’t really set the mood though.

I took several pictures and was rather going for the poor lighting, afterall, the great composers weren’t known for being very rich!

As for the posing, this model’s a real bitch to pose. I was gonna have him writing something unto the paper but then decided to have him sitting there counting it out because his hand just wouldn’t look right.

Bump Hey everyone, or rather anone who’s interested.

I’m going to make several follow up pictures to this to show what happened after he penned this. Kind of like a single picture silent comic.

Loving the gloomy environment


The rain is not as liquid as it should.