The Mafia 2 Car Thread

Hey everybody, so somehow I’ve managed to turn the models from it into .dae files, so now I’m working on modifying them, mainly for a server gamemode I’m making so they might not be exactly what you want, but they’re better then nothing. And to show I’m making progress;

Why did you make it that you have to download the image? Upload it somewhere like photobucket. So so far you got the model. What else do you have?

I have all the other car models in .dae format. :stuck_out_tongue: Just working on the cop car first.

Nice to see someones working on those cars, I really like 'em.

Thanks how am I doing so far?

I’m not really good at porting, or ripping, so I wouldn’t know.

are they gonna be drivable?

Well if you plan on adding things like phong to the vehicles you are going to want to be careful on the rims. Since the Rims and Tires share the same texture you have to make sure you don’t make the tires as shiny as the rims. Also, the rims are going to have a seam down the middle where the image is mirrored.

Also you are going to want to use phong as it really sells the appearance of the car.

Anyways, the cop car looks good so far.

I didn’t know you were porting these models as well. But thanks, I’m new to modeling and the whole deal, so I’m not sure about Phong. As for them being drivable, I plan on making a script for them with Sakarias Cars. :slight_smile:

Bad news everybody, both my GMod capable computers have failed and are crippled. So I’m afraid until at least one of them is repaired I can’t work on these models for a while.

Oh, that sucks. Its alright though, thanks for trying.

hope you get them fixed soon.

Your all in luck though, I managed to get one done at least before the failure.

i can convert .dae format

Actually I’m still working on it. I’m kind of lazy with UV Mapping and texturing though, just so you all know. :stuck_out_tongue: But it’s better then nothing right?

Hey guys, sorry for the bump just to let you all know I’m working on these. However, I am having trouble with textures/uv mapping so if you can help or know someone that can please let me know.

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Oh also everyone, I have great news! I am now porting more stuff from Mafia 2 then just the cars. ^^ Like take this for example;

Good progress! I’ve been requesting this sorta stuff in the model request forum so hopefully this gets off the ground. Good luck!

Yeah rigging might take some time though. :v

Dam i have been doing this for the last few days.

Im going to add you on steam, i have a preposal.