The Mage Apprentice

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Damn you M’Esh, look what you did. You summoned some milk drinker from another game. Shame on you.

Sexy picture, but I honestly have no idea whats going on here.

Nice dicknose on that shadow.

the apprentice has to practice
some scrolls …
unfortunately, he made a little
mistake, as you can clearly see
at the wall.
bah! if i have to explain it, i did
something wrong.
(no he didn’t summoned him. he
was already standing there as a
voluntary test subject.)

So basically he turned pinnochio into a living man, but unfortunately his wood still grows every time he tells a lie?

Oh no, he turned into Anklepants!

well … the other way around. he turned a living man into
pinocchio. but i agree with the thing about his wood. ;D

Hey guys, it’s not nice to laugh at the elephant man!