The Magic Barrel

[release]Ever felt lonely? Needed a friend, but pissed you burned the Companion Cube, AND scared piss-less of the Absolutely Harmless Companion Cube? Look no further!
The Magic Barrel comes with the following features!
[ul]It gives you 200 health if you ask politely![/ul]
[ul]You start on fire if you touch it![/ul]
[ul]If you shoot if with any gun, it doesn’t move![/ul]
[ul]If it starts rolling on the ground, it continues forever![/ul]
[ul]Any endless possibilities![/ul]
Video: [hd][/hd]

Screenshots: (It’s a barrel…so it’s pretty simple looking)

So download and remember: Accept gifts from strangers!
(This was a requested release lol)
Please don’t argue if this is release worthy, it was a requested release so I released it. Vent your frustration on the poll.

My god. :golfclap:

This is the best addon, shits all over Wire Mod.

Everything shits all over wiremod.

This is the only addon I will ever need


I’m deleting everything else

We’re not worthy of such a barrel.

We’re unworthy :open_mouth:

Haha, I hope you enjoy it :downs:


Video related to thread.

Please discuss the Magic Barrel, and how it is completely and utterly amazing.

I was hoping for a clone of Mahalis’s Magic Box. Ah well.

Nope, sorry. It isn’t even released yet is it?

Stop releasing single sents.
I mean, people will like this for the first 3 days, but will delete it after a while.
How about, make around 5 sents and release them all at once as “Chad Mobiles Sent Pack” or something

I heard the magic barrel is really Pandora’s Box.


That is kind of boring and useless. No offense but I’d say waste of time. Only good thing it gave was experience in lua scripting.

Then why reply to a waste of time

60.42% of all voters think it was release worthy, so I take it that it is. I guess I can make a Sent pack if you really want.

Make a sent pack but don’t release them seperatley.

I don’t think this is release worthy, sorry chad.

Damn, the irony in this thread was reaching its highest point, why did you have to break it? :saddowns:

Sorry :downs: