The Magic Mailbox =]

So i was thinking, mailboxes. Mailboxes that are either indestructible in the environment like lockboxes, or a mailbox where you can slip things inside someones front door (like real life!) This way we can start a real taxpayer and mule system on the more developed and stable servers. In fact, i think adding a mailbox to the game next patch would be perhaps one of the most drastic changes to the game as a whole, opening up all sorts of possibilities. Hate mail, alliance request mail, gift mail. Lets do it Gary :smiley:

…For letter you can use pigeons :smiley:

would be an ok idea but first you need the blueprint to craft a pencil then you need to learn the handwriting skill and then chop down a tree and process some paper, then scribble a note on it

I would love to leave a message to house owner i just raided.
Make the paper writable :slight_smile: yes!

Well that sounds cool, then we can build a really own world.

would really like this, I just logged in and nobody else was on, I haven’t been on for two days, our city has changed massively and no idea why. There needs to be group based mail like the doors also :slight_smile: