The magical hatchet bug.

Today, while playing, I had a pretty funny, but quite bizarre bug.
My hatchet magically became “transparent”, and could see through walls, while a black/very dark shade appeared on the rest of the screen. I could see only through walls, not floors, compound walls or stairs. I couldn’t see the crates or furniture, but could see players and sleepers as if there were no wall whatsoever.
Seems to have been fixed with tonight’s update.
Pics below:

With the hatchet equipped:

With the rock equipped (same POV)

Other example:

With the hatchet:

With the rock

You can see that in the background, the walls that appear on the second photo of each example don’t appear anymore.
As I said, it’s apparently been fixed, but I thought it might be funny/informative for some people to know that :slight_smile:

best…hatchet…ever! XD

Yeah, kind of x)

I first noticed something was wrong when my friend took his hatchet, and I saw a big black sphere starting at his arm (see screenshot below), but I thought it was a problem with the 3rd person hatchet model, but looks like not.

Does this mean hatches give us pet black holes? If only the actually sucked stuff in…

P…P…Put…Put your d*ck in it.