The main frogs from Keroro Gunso/Sgt. Frog

So, yeah, like,
I was playing gmod and thought
“There should totally be some Sgt. Frog models”
Then I was like
“Lets search it, duh.”
And so then I did just that
And there was no models so

The images are below this post since I cant resize them.
So just use the images below for the models

That’s about all I want…

Don’t rate this dumb even though it’s an anime.
And I know how people troll and rate negatively
But still dont rate it dumb or disagree.
If you dont like it, dont rate or respond at all :confused:

I really like the characters from the series and think they would be awesome to have in Garry’s Mod. They would seem kinda simple to create, but I don’t know much about modeling at all. Here’s some better reference pictures that give a full perspective of them. Besides if someone does create the models and would need help with the materials or is to lazy to do them, I would probably attempt at working on the materials, but I am slightly amateurish at it though.







There’s some MMD Sgt.Frog Models,
Now somebody can port it and make a model of it.

Also, these are the only models I can find of Keroro Gunso.

Okay fine
Whatever gets me the gmod models :smiley:

Any keroro gunso models just import them or export or whatever to a gmod model

Well, thank you for looking up and finding those models, but they are rather odd and are choppy. The anatomy is slightly off and so is the colors, but thank you for trying to find some models that we could port. Julyshy and I have talked over steam and we would like to have some new models created. They should be simple to create for someone who actually knows what they are doing when it comes to modeling. I would even do the textures if someone at least made the models. Plus there are some tips to give for the person who will do the modelling.
The bodies will be the same for 3 of them, and close to the fourth. Dororo has the same body as Keroro, Giroro, and Kururu, but the thing that makes it different is that he always has his sword attached to him.
The arms will start small and grow in thickness the farther from the body, the legs start wide and shorten down.
The base of the head will always start with a simple circle (even though that part is pretty obvious).
They also only stand at about 2 and a half feet tall.

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Is somebody gonna post? I really need these models >.<

Hey, if anybody does decide to pick up this project, I have also noticed that there was another thread asking for Keroro and Dark Keroro models (link to post here: ). If somebody does pick up the request and actually does work on these models, Dark Keroro is basically just the same as Keroro except for he has a torn up red cape on, everything else is just a change of texture. Below are a few pictures of Dark Keroro, sorry that I couldn’t find a reference sheet like what I did with the others.

I was actually on that thread earlier :stuck_out_tongue:

BUMP. I need an effin reply here, I need some models. ANY MODELERS? If your not a modeler and you havnt been on this thread yet, get out.

Love Keroro would love to help

You can help by finding modelers. Okay?
Everyone help find modelers.

Sorry, I couldn’t really find any modelers that would help out with this :/. I’d still be willing to do the textures though if need be.

Well, just because this thread isn’t seeming to get much attention-
I guess I will try my hand at modelling at least Keroro, if I can do a decent job of him I will continue to work on the others and try to release them. It will possibly not be really great or even good for that matter because it would be my first try. But what the heck, I’ll go for it if we can’t find any modelers that would like to help with this.


You have my full support on this… I’ve started watching Sgt. Frog a few days ago and I’m a huge Tamama fan!

The faces on the model should either include eye posing, face posing or instead of those 2, have bodygroups so you can change the eyes and mouths (if they’re 2D like on the Pokemon models)

If I say I will take a stab at modeling one to begin with will that make you happy?

I wonder if the Sgt. Frog humans should be done, as well.

I LOOOVVVEEE Tamama too!
Also, I would go with 1, The faces on the mode model should include eye posing.

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And try Tamama first. :3