The Mall Map

You know that mall map that catfishtango was making? Because it seems dead (the mall map thread’s closed), is it possible for someone other than catfishtango to release it, such as a friend of his?

How can it be released if it was making? not finished?

No, the map’s dead. There haven’t been posts for a long time. The thread’s closed too, but it looks finished. Thread link:

Why don’t you PM CatFishTango and ask him about it?

Just did, but I checked his activity. Last activity: 1 day ago, and I looked at his posts, nothing about a mall map for a long while. If it’s dead, at least I can look forward to RP_EvoCity2_v2 when that releases (which is coming along nicely).

People don’t check/post religiously on these forums.

What does THAT have to do with this thread? And posting religously on these forums? I’ve got 16 posts, an you have 7,350 posts.

I miss SBMP :frowning:

You said you checked his activity and it’s 1 day ago. That’s not bad, he’ll reply soon.

Let us know what he says

I hope that comes true, my good man.
ANYWAY, here’s a Cyanide and Hapiness comic to give readers a laugh.


catfishtango, I hope you’re reading this.