The man who danced in the skies


Entirely made with custom animations, may look a bit jerky because the GMod engine update broke some animation stuff (that, and I didn’t apply motion blur).

Song is from the French 90s,… (Boris - Soirée Disco) — basically about a grown man with a childish mind, who throws a “Disco Night” in his home. I chose the Skylife setting because the rest of the album talks about his journey through “the prairies and fields of the outer space”.

very funky max. loved the video editing once again.

Amazing! Loved the song. The map reminds me of this.

I’d say feel good inc is the one. :slight_smile:

What camera shake plug-in are you using there Max?

Plug-ins you say…

You mean lua right? Or are you inferring to something he did at one time? It looks like he just made a gesture animation, compiled it, used the faceposer for facial animation and just ran the vcd.

Funny stuff though.

I think he means a post-processing plug in where you can add camera shake to your video

the camera shake is not a post-processing effect

fuck it I don’t care, whatever you new fangled top notch editors call it nowadays

Wow, look at these effects.


the camera shake is done at the gmod level using sharpeye


Hahaha! It’s awesome!!