The Man Who Killed Nobody | A Garry's Mod Short Movie

I’ve been thinking about making a movie for some time and gave a shot at a short movie (this one). It’s 6 minutes long and I’m pretty pleased with it.
This is my first try at making a movie for Garry’s Mod. I did not have a solid script infront of me, right now I improvised some parts, but I still had a general idea of what I was trying to achieve.
I’m looking for constructive feedback :slight_smile:
Next time I’ll probably make a script and have a better idea of what I’m doing, but I consider this a big success for myself.

This is quite good. Great job! :happy:
Keep up the good work!

Camera panning is a good thing, especially if you follow these 2 silver rules:

  • Don’t do to many
  • If you pan the camera to the left, don’t suddenly jump to a panning that raises the camera, makes the cinematography less good, and the audience feel a bit “jumpy”. This why image storyboard is important

I’d cut out the jump cuts at 9 seconds and 14 seconds.

The music that fades out at 2:00 should be a longer fade. It fades too quick.

2:19 to 2:31 the camera panning stops, it’s kinda awkward and doesn’t work.

Very minor things that add up to make it even better.

So far so good. Thank you for your comments. I’m definately taking notes!

It’s pretty good, but the camera angles need more work (especially around 3:05). Experiment with different angles and zoom in more. If you can’t decide which angle you want, film multiple angles seperately and decide which one is the best during post-production.

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I’d also say that the fast angle switching from the beginning of the video (like at 1:02) needs to be lessened a LOT, because I did get confused at first about what was going on.

Definitely zoom in more.

Stuff like the rectangles in the middle.

Think of the rule this way, try to cut out as much as possible out of the shot unless you really want to capture something.

I thought choosing a madman as the voiced character was a very good way around worrying over voice acting awkwardness.

The one thing I was worried most was that my voice acting would sound really cheesy and everything but it turned out fine.
And also, thank you everyone for your constructive feedback.
I really appreciate it!

Generally had some uneasy vibes going on, you created some good atmosphere man.

I’m glad you liked the atmosphere :slight_smile: