The Man with the Golden Gun

Give him a million dollars, he’ll get the job done

Did he make the gun out of his fecal matter or what?

I like how Bond’s thumb clips like a mother fucker.
Oh and how does the older guy fire that gun shaped object if his finger isn’t even on the trigger?

You used what you had, I like that. The picture will of course be prettier with fancier & and prettier models, but It’s great to use what you have and be creative to begin with

I had a hard time finger posing on second screenshot, don’t get me wrong

James Bond using a deagle :suicide:

Not bad, mate.

There’s an override for golden textures. Try using this instead of recoloring it.

He didn’t make it, it’s from Goldeneye: Source. Im an pro and admin in a clan called: 1138 and i can say that im the reel Man with the Golden Gun because i have 100% accuracy wity it and im one of the rare ppl with ALL achievments on it. Believe me, go check on HL GE stats and oh btw bond is from GE:S too :slight_smile:

What the fuck are you talking about

Did you just say, “James Bond is from Goldeneye: source and that’s it and i’m super pro at everything”?

lol i think i went too far :wink: i just meant that Goldeneye: Source is a awesome game an everyone should try it

Please tell me you’re a troll.

Joined in july, 6 posts, dumb name related to his dumb post.

Finally, I can confirm a troll