The map is too big for a usual server… Legacy map was known well. Experimental map is hard to know. I spend 70 minutes to find my friend… It’s senseless.

Don’t u think the map is overdone?
Most servers have 30-100 players!! If server has 200+ ppl then it has lot of lags and high latency… (( Whatever, just sort the community servers and you will see that max amount of players on servers is ~100 or less!

Given the above, the map looks like it’s endless! RUST lost all of its gameplay’ dynamic: because of the huge map u play mostly ALONE! … Also, the navigation is bad too: I found a wolf statue but i don’t even know is it on the W or E. It turns finding friends to the endless F1-KILL process and taking hours and tones of nerves!!!

Old rust map was good cuz’ players had to FIGHT for place and resources. That was REAL survival game. Now the game is much closer to The SIMS or a kind of… Build a house, live alone… have 100k of each resource, meet 1 player for 2 hrs… There is no ACTION! I’m sure u know how action is important for any game!
I remember those massive gangs battles for “the place under the sun”… A lot of players missing it…

And these all could be switched back if you make the map smaller than it is.
The map is too big for so small amount of players…

We do hope u will make the map smaller and create a process of finding friends on the map way easier.

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ppl who Like it, plz can u tell WHY do u like it? Is it fun to play alone for hrs?

Well, you must be on a server with a bunch of Canadians because I get attacked several times an hour, and constantly hiding from the rest.

You are lucky)) Once I was spawned near some settlement and get attacked by other players too… After they destroyed my sleeping bag I played almost alone up to the end of my game session…

I constantly run into people. Stop playing on low pop servers. :confused: Map size is fine.

how many players usualy play on the server u play?

It’s not that it is too big. It’s that there is not enough things on it. No loot boxes. Few monuments or items to discover. And, there is a lack of caves and rocky places to hide (like in legacy).

But they have said all of these things will change later. So, don’t ask for a smaller map. Just wait until they add more features, and increase the amount of rocky hills and mountains.

The legacy map was even bigger. Only like 15% of it was played on.

I believe part of the idea behind the procedural map is that eventually server owners could adjust the size. I don’t have a source though, something I read a while back.

Go play legacy! We are testing so the fact you do not enjoy the server you play on is irrelevant.

I went back to legacy last night. Map size was my biggest complaint, everyone knows where everything is, removing the challenge of finding hidden bases/the ability to hide your base. New map size/randomly generated maps are great, I still run into people very regularly, and not knowing the map adds an extra edge, as I’m just as unfamiliar with the territory as they are. The whole idea that you’re dropped on an island with virtually nothing is really embodied when you don’t know the landscape. Keep up the good work devs.

Unless the dedicated server map size is much larger than it was while garry had the only experimental server, the map size is 8x8km. Legacy’s playable area was 6x6km.

It’s not really that much larger. garry intends on allowing servers to set their own size, so you can make a 2x2km map if you want, or a 40x40km map if your server can handle it.

Optimization will come, so expect to be able to have 200 players without much lag in the future. Just be patient.

I would enjoy it if the map was bigger tbh. I have no issue running 20~ minutes to find resources, I used to live 3 mountain ranges behind portugal in Legacy, never got raided once… until the 12 yearold hackers could see me through the mountains.

I do agree that the maps are horrible boring though. And seeing as these ‘land marks’ are getting more pathetic by the week I wouldn’t be surprised if mod servers are more fun even though you have to deal w/ admin abuse, the remove tool and donatorfags.

I like the map size personally and i fnd the far north is a decent place to build. Takes about an hour to get 100k wood and 20,000 rocks etc to build with. I usually load up and run north where its quiet and flat. Plus i like ice bergs lol