The Mappers Central - Biggest Collection Of Materials, Models and Sounds

Sacré bleu!


Mother of God. That’s alot of textures.

Thats no were as many as are uploading.

The screeshots are around 1/200th of what is to come and theres still another 6GB of materials on upload.

Then theres models and sounds to do as well.

I think…
I think I just shat an egg.

Have my child.

That is a lot of textures, shame they are not organized and downloadable in one package

I plan to put them all into a zip after but at the moment you can go along and download only the textures you want.

Thanks a lot for this. :buddy:
I’ll be sure to have a look.

That’s sweet. Looking forward to the sounds too.

Truely Amazing!
Sticky this if not already!

This pack looks great, lots of sci-fi textures that might be useful for obligatory much more futuristic maps on GMod.
I do notice a few pointless halo 2 textures in this that I had ages ago.
Like 1 to 10 low resolution textures that are supposed to cover a lot of space.
These are some other Halo 3+ textures that I can not see in this pack:

For those who wants them

This is no attempt to steal the thread, I am only suggesting the op to get some more textures in the pack.

As i have already said, they are still uploading as we talk.
The changelogs say Materials upload started, not finished.

So please just remove that link and yes there are a few textures that aint the best but they are useful for some things.

Thank you for noticing that but still the materials are all downloading and it aint finished yet.

Some are from de_vegas and the owner of them is SM_Sith Lord.

Other than that, damn. NICE!

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I hate that pack. Shit textures.

Yes guys they are from everywhere. The textures have built up over the years.

if you want a could lend you a couple sounds

Will the download be an SVN?

when will the models come ? :slight_smile:

Models will come after textures but to let you know my pc crashed overnight so i couldnt leave textures uploading.

Textures are back on upload today and will be done by later today hopefully.

As my sound collection is not very big and i have many games with no use any more i will be porting all the sounds from the games listed below and uploading all of them.
(I may do models and materials if i knew how)

New Vegas
Stalker Call of Pripyat
Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl
Rogue Warrior
Call of Cthulhu
The Elder Scrolls IV
The Elder Scrolls III
Battlefield BC 2
The Citizen 2
The Citizen
Rock 24
City 7
Alien Swarm
Day of Defeat: Source
Killing Floor
Half Life: Blue Shift
Half Life: Opposing Force
Left 4 Dead
Left 4 Dead 2
Zombie Panic: Source
Team Fortress 2
Metro 2033

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Started converting sounds from just one of the games:

sounds nice :slight_smile: oh… i was funny :stuck_out_tongue: