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Last Updated: Thursday, April 22, 2010

Forum Rules:

Section Rules:

  1. Don’t post decompiled or edited versions of other maps without explicit permission from the maker of the original map. Otherwise, don’t post other people’s maps and claim they’re yours. If you post someone else’s map give them credit.

Section Etiquette:

Don’t spam for a release date. The map will be done when it’s done.

When giving negative criticism, it should be constructive.

As far as concerned, any Source map may be released here; Garry’s Mod can utilize maps from most Source games.

When possible, check compile logs with’s Compile Log Checker before asking about problems. If posting a compile log, use [noparse]


[/noparse] tags.

Feel free to use this thread as a question megathread.

I have an output that extinguish a fire, but it wont. is there other ways to do it?

Just a question about section rule 4; where is that feature?

I am working on a square racetrack with banked roads, but it won’t compile. Even though it is a small map PortalFlow takes hours to get past 1, and the error checker finds nothing. :frown:

I would have somebody look at the vmf…as long as the map isn’t stolen.

have you func_detailed

Do what?

Back in the days, the rating feature was still here.
There are plugins that do the same.

How do I turn a brush to have a set health? (So it can be destroyed)

Make it a func_breakable, you can choose the amount of health there.


How do I get L4D content again? ___

Buy l4d :ughh:

I own L4D, I wanna know how to get the content into HL2 -.-

HL2 can’t handle new engine formating by default.

Well it can. Google around for getting L4D Models into GMod. There’s a bat you can run that fixes up all the models.

I have made some props out of prop_physics edited nothing but their world models, in-game they are not appearing. Why? (Mapping for ep2 by the way.)

Some models can’t be used as some prop types. Check the compile log for errors.

Why was my list of sounscapes taken from the mapper’s encyclopedia? :frowning:

Moved to the VDC: List of EP2 Soundscapes

I tried making a combine APC, should I make it dynamic or…?

Thankyou very much.

Quick question; To make a lake/ocean, do I have to make the entire brush water or just the top face?

Edited: thanks. :smile: