The Mapping Section "Texture Pimpage/WIP" Thread

This thread is to show off your WIP’s you have made, and would like to share with others.




[li]Discussion of WIPs is allowed, and encouraged.
[/li][li]Don’t go off-topic.
[/li][li]Please use [noparse][/li][/media][/noparse] tags.
[li]Be polite.

I’ll start


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If anybody wants to make a new banner, I will add it to the OP.

Woo! Texture thread! :v:

Also the banner is fine Firegod!

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I will be making textures soon, Once I do then I shall post them here.

I tried making another decal the other day but totally forgot how I got alpha channels to work in GIMP. I know I got it to work before, and I think there’s a simpler way to do it than the one I’m using now, I just can’t remember it ._.

Good thread, now I can find a place to find some good textures.

You spelt mapping wrong in the banner bro.

People should experiment with parallax more. Does it still work in the new OB engine?


The Maping Section? (in banner)

Fixed it. Thanks.


I think it’d be a great idea, for new people to include some ssbump and texture making tutorials, as in links and such.

Yay, you made it. I now instantly have more inspiration to sit down and make some proper textures. :buddy:


awesome thread. Will post some textures here when i make some

I am looking for a ssbump generator. Google has yielded me some programs that don’t work.

Just a quick reskin I did for my campaign, this thread needs content.

Crazybump is a good one to use.

Isn’t that a model texture?

Whoops. Ignore this post.

In my opinion when posting content here people should first show the original flat texture (and normal maps and else if they want to) and then throw in some in-game screen if they like.

Pelf: I meant this just in general.

I think he might have confused this thread with the map pimpage thread.