The Marine learns the ways of Rock


I feel like I saw this before

It does look oddly familiar.

It’s a continuation of my last “Heavy Metal Doom” pic.

Any thoughts on posing, lighting, ect.?

Posing on the hellknight is pretty bad and so is the soldier(hes a lil bit better).
The idea is really stupid I dunno why but I hate the idea.
Bloom is also not that good.
Map is also not that good.

Try to do some brainstorming it helps to get some good ideas.
There are also a lot of posing guides out there. Use them they help.(Your posing isnt really bad its just a little bit stiff).
Just dont take an empty map except if you do some scene-build.
And dont use ingame Bloom.
It doesnt look that good.

I hope I helped you :slight_smile:

I actually think the idea is terrific :slight_smile: The posing on the Soldier is pretty good, I bet that with finger posing it would look even better, I know you probably cant do better with the Hell Knight’s posing, since its really hard to pose his ass.

Lights need some work, this could be alot better :slight_smile:

thats a large guitar.