the marine was like whoa thats whack

and this is what he saw

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right click and view image because it got resized anyways gay

This is very

as in, too much brightness

the haxxer was all like woah that makes no sense

What was he even seeing? Did a seagull from above just shit in his eyes?

I’m with Moonsorrow; this IS very

The Castro was all like, woah I agree

I like the first one. Cool style. :smile:

Yes, that is “Whack”

I don’t like it, not that amazing.

i foresaw that because thats why it is on construct and has so much contrast and brown

Um… I don’t really know what I can say cept.
Construct, Brown, and First Person view ain’t all that good, the helmet would probably be more aligned on his head.

Don’t filter rape your pictures and work on the posing.