The Mask

yeah, well ok



Haha, awesome. Now just make Jigsaw’s and you’ll have a mask set :wink:

wow sweetness!!!

now all you need is jim carry model

I loved that movie when I was a kid. Great model

Smoooking! :freeman:

:lol: Cool, now you need a “The Mask” ragdoll :\

This rocks.I saw the orginal mask movie with Jim Carrey.This mask matches that mask almost perfectly.

Looks awesome. Loving the skin.

:0 My god, Dav0r! You are a god!

DAv0r, you need to make a mod or something, because you are a damn good freelance modeler and skinner.

Here come the comics. Nice skin by the way, top notch.

Yknow…if I were to make a Madness Combat Garry’s Mod thing…this would be great as Tricky’s mask (or at least the closest I’ll come)

I love it

He made “Dav0r’s archives 1” wheres 2?

2 should come out anytime now.

I fail to see the hype here. its a mask shape with some proportional edits and boolean modelling

amazing texture though dav0r

and Dav0r, since when were you not a moderator?

all this time i was wondering how i had not been banned by you yet, and i finally figured out why…

uh, yeah well you’re right sonne.

and I got de-modded a while ago actually.

I’m pretty sure he means a halflife2 mod.
and I know davor is a great modeler, but has he really done anything with gameplay?