The Master in Command.

Bandwidth exceeded. Someone said to me here. Get a photobucket account. I did a long time ago and gave a flying fuck about the whole site for a reason.

You should upgrade to Pro today.


I dont like the filter. Also, if you can you should add some motion blur.

You can’t go all-out with bloom and then darken the image, it looks artificial because you end up with these weird-looking half-assed gray areas (in the sky).

I didn’t use a filter.

Well, i mean the colours and the bloom.
I guess you did that in game then.

What grey areas.

where is this grey area in the sky you are talking about, the only grey area’s i see is the cliff.

I think the grey area he is mentioning is in the upper left-hand corner…

I didn’t lower the brightness.

I don’t know why I bother.

Because as a moderator you feel you have a duty to act as a type of role model in this section and constructively criticize in the hopes that others will do it too and those who you criticize will listen and improve.

you know what I mean, right? maybe you could explain it

Firstly, it looks like a floating anti-gravity helicopter. Use motion blur on the blades.

Secondly, there is nothing really big in the picture to say “wow, looks good” Like you could have added a huge regime of soldiers standing in presenting position waiting.

yeah you…

Where is the master exactly?

the master of disguise