The Master of Disguise

Yeaaaah, there he is. First screenshot in a LONG damn time.

Nice, I didn’t spot the spy at first.

One thing though, don’t put so much blur on, it looks overdone.

I don’t even see the spy :confused:


Damn. Nicely done.

took me ages to find the spy :ohdear:

I can’t see the cunt

oh wait shit now I see him

Pretty good.

ahah found it!

Nice job! :slight_smile:

Clever, very clever indeed.

Where the hell…aahh there he is! ^^ Nice one!

I think I see him… but my eyes may be playing tricks on me

not good enough, spy! i found you THIS time!

that son of a bitch. He wasted 11 seconds of my life

This needs that classic motivator. I think everyone knows what I mean here.

nice but I think the dof is focusing on the wrong thing

I’ll assume that the spy is the pyro?

Scratch that, just found the sneaky devil.

nope i cant see him


ah yeh i can nice one

wow jesus this is like one of those mindfuck pictures! but its pretty good but too musch grain

I don’t see the damn Spy :saddowns:

Man, took me a bit to see the spy. Then I saw his legs.
Well Done my friend.

Where is the little bugger?