The Master of the Destruction ( Sequel)

This made absolutely no sense at all…

fucking flis


did you watch the first one?

I’m guessing he did, but as it’s not in English he doesn’t understand it (most likely).
And it will be a similar story untill you make one in English.

that is spanish i can that lenguage

a spanish video + a english forum = stupit -.-

This is fucking stupid. 90% of us didn’t understand shit.

1 emote = :wtc:

did u watch the first one?

That doesn’t help ayone, it’s still fucking Spanish/Italian/Portugese/whatever. Nobody here understands a single shit about what’s going on.

You don’t seem to get it, do you?

That isn’t helping him, Larry. Don’t be such an asshole.

@ OP, Larry is right though. Really, most of us don’t understand Spanish. We really have no idea what’s going on.

how many telot are there in the capito//?

Either make one thread for all your little videos that NO ONE UNDERSTANDS HERE ON FACEPUNCH or please just stop posting these. Its almost spamming.

… or get banned >.>


ahhaha, you’re funny as hell man. You make me laugh everytime, I say keep it up.

Wasn’t as good as the first one.