The "Master Theif" of NA 4: The Proper Way to Raid a Base

There’s a player on the North America 4 server named “Ethan” who calls himself the “Master Thief.” He claims to be able to raid any base and openly brags about his exploits to the entire server. Recently, two intrepid Rust players with a YouTube channel masterfully raided Ethan, the “Mater Thief’s” house without firing a single shot or using a C4 charge.

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In first instance kind of pathetic; 2 adults talking a kid into showing his entire base and then f**k him over for that already puts you lower than him. And then to brag about it by posting videos to top if off.


I hope the loot compensates for 20 or more minutes of your empty investment in the 15?? y/o kid.

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I didn’t take the video… and the loot was worth it. They walked away with, collectively, over 5,000 sulfer, 20+ metal foundations, and other assorted items. It’s just amusing because the person who owns the house refers to himself as the “Master Thief” of NA4 and brags about his ability to “…raid any base” and he gets jacked by giving a tour of his house to some player he barely knows.

I don’t know how old he is–and I’m not sure if he has cognitive impairments–but I think it’s a good learning lesson for him–and for us all. Rust is a game about trust; he trusted the wrong people.

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This pretty much sums it up.



This is glorious because I’ve played on NA4 and I know of Ethan. He claims to be the “master thief,” yet he gets rolled-over by a guy who asks for a tour of this house. Hilarious video… and that’s a lot of sulfer and metal to walk away with.

This user’s comment on the YouTube video pretty much sums up how everyone feels about this player on NA4:

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Used to play on NA4, Ethan was a damn prick, definitely deserved it. He talked shit for no reason daily. Good job on that raid."

Seriously? You didn’t even sound genuine…

“Oh wow this looks cool” your voice sounded so sarcastic. Even if I was dumb enough to let 3 armed people into my base… the minute you say something like “ohhh wowww… Impressssive… Wowww” I would have shot you…

Well played lmao

This begs the question: Should such an individual even be playing the game? I think it’s a mature game not meant for kids. Ethan claims to be a senior in high school, but he might have cognitive impairments. At any rate, it’s a game meant for mature players. I think the kid (hopefully) learned a good lesson from this experience. Maybe this will cause him to not take candy from strangers in the future.

You are receiving un-deserved negativity IMO, I agree with your sentiment to an extent. These kids have learned a harmless lesson in life not to trust people blindly, even if they give you compliments, call you bro, add you on steam, and push for more and more. Outside of rust being vulnerable to this very simple social engineering can be far more dangerous.

Well said.

Ha, Ha! Indeed.