The matrix trailer (Gmod style)

I started a project to recreate the matrix trailer, but sadly half of my video files corrupted for whatever reason , but luckily i compiled a version right beforehand and now you have this 1/3rd done video with credits. I didn’t really plan on releasing it in this state but i didn’t want it to rot on my hard drive. This is pretty much my first attempt at a cinematic style video.

Watch it in HD and leave a comment (In this thread)

I loved their mouths

Very awesome, I was actually planning on doing something similar with the mouths in my next film: “Scott Don’t do Christmas”

It’s quite simple to in sony vegas pro.

awesome. the best faceposing I have ever seen :smiley:

Nice. I love the matrix.

That trailer = EPIC.

I was actually considering doing a shot-by-shot remake of the Matrix.