The maximum amount of printers spawnable in F4 menu increase over time (Gemstone)

Hello, I am running the addon Gemstone printers on my server ( I have a problem, if you stay on the server for about 1hour and 20 minutes the the maximum amount of printers you can buy resets. For example if i have 2 topaz printer, after 1h and 20min I can buy another 2. This really doesn’t fit into our server economy and I need it removed. Iv’e looked through the code of the gemstone printers and cant find any code that should do this.

Help is very much appreciated!

Also I am running the latest DarkRP version.

Thanks to anybody that tries to help :slight_smile:

Isn’t there a darkrp help thread somewhere here?


This still seems to be active:

Okay thank you, I’ll ask it there :slight_smile: