The MBT-09 main battle tank -- The Refined Main Battle Tank

A simple but effective battle tank, the MBT-09 is what happens when you build too many tanks and don’t get online enough.

Here’s the url.

It’s got a 120mm KGCX cannon, a 12.7mm sidearmament, is completely mouse-guided (mouse aims and fires so you just center a tank in your crosshairs and click) and has a very low profile. It’s designed to have an enclosed driver/gunner compartment (no sniper shots taking out the driver :P), a reinforced compartment where the 120mm ammo adv dupe (release by karbine) is, and has independent treads (well, wheels adv ballsocketed together).
Controls are:
W = forward
A = brake the left track
D = brake the right track
Space = forces turret to weld-latch to frame, useful so that you can move quickly and not have complicated welds hopping around like mad

  • = Increase throttle (uses speed setting on wire wheel & adv input)
  • = Decrease throttle
    LMouse = Fire AP 120mm round (also weld-latches gun and barrel to frame to auto-stabilize the gun)
    RMouse = Fire secondary 12.7mm gun (also useful as spotting rifle)

Left display = Range to target (ignores the world though, so only hits target and tells when you have a target in sights)
Right display = Displays Miles an Hour speed and Throttle control setting

There is no reverse. It just turns on a dime. It can drive with one track welded to the side to turn, and has a very very low profile. I neglected to put a suspension on, even my leaf spring suspension was too tall to do that, and I also neglected to make an elevating gun, since the tank is so low anyway and I wanted it to be stable when firing so I could long-range shoot (why it weld latches on fire)

Being so low it’ll hit other tanks and still be stable, so there’s no need to depress the gun barrel (I’ve found that makes the gun hop up and down while in motion a lot. It has a top speed of forty-three miles an hour, on wide wheels, which gives it good stability and traction.

Basically in a nutshell, it’s the most fancy “nothing-fancy” tank out there that I know of. I looked up a few gcombat battles on youtube, and found that mouse-aiming is a huge advantage in tank combat, as is a ranger and a small frame. This is an almost-perfect centering of the crosshairs and the gun barrel. Hence my creation.

Please comment. It’s my first post, but i’ve been in gmod for several years now, just always played offline. I use KGCX all the time, and used basic wire mod. The tank is like 90 props or less, I think like 70, so you can add armor without crashing a server. Figured it’d be good. Maybe sometime I’ll upload an adv dupe if you guys want.

Thanks! Tell me what you think!

Just FYI : this is my suspension tutorial that’s just a few quick ways to do easy suspensions --> . It’s rather confusing since I was tired and only uploaded because I was tired of seeing elastic suspensions, but is really good. I reference it a lot.

Use media tags.

We also didn’t see any pictures of what the tank looks like, Only fast glimpses from far away, Are you ashamed of your work?


I can also see it seems like it’s lagging horribly at times.

Oh no way. I actually like the design a lot, and spent awhile crafting it. It’s just the way I edited the video. I’ll upload a few screenshots.

It looks decent. A bit bland though, and the pieces on the ends of the threads. There are gaps.

Other than the wheels, is there anything there that isn’t PHX?

I intentionally made it all phx so that it can be used on servers.

The wire screens? :rolleyes:


Uhh. What.

It’s kind of ugly, but i wanted it for tank on tank combat, to make it have only the most useful features. I’ve produced more expensive and complex designs but i wanted something to adv dupe on a server and fight with. So phx and kgcx is all i used. I contemplated Bomb mod 3 or flare emitters, or even reactive armor, but it just seemed to make it more complex rather than more simple. I’ve produced complex tanks. This is supposed to just be short, rugged, and capable.


Yes it uses wire too. Who doesn’t use at least a little?

You should post the complex good looking ones instead. Making something look good is generally harder than making it move/function well.

I dont :D, guess i am just old school but I tend to try use anything custom these days, just try to keep it down to genuine props.

Nice tank but if you had a play around you could quite easily make a more detailed looking tank by using some HL2 props without adding any more lag (or prop count if you do it properly)

I try to use very little wire. I use it sparingly, for certain parts that can’t be done w/ a regular linkage or gear system. KGCX is wire-operated though, so i ended up just using wire to do the mouse-aiming and throttle control. the adv pod input i’m a little new to, and if you notice it has an odd control scheme (space does not brake, A and D at the same time brakes the entire tank). I’m old school but finally trying to become a wire person.

Look pretty cool, but those fenders need to be about 3 feet closer to the wheels.

it’s a bit flat and wide

Yup I know.