The Mechanic

Let me know if pic doesn’t show up.

Just combine Jill and Trishka model. I made it as second one, because of unfeezing accident. =
Hope you guys enjoy =)

Another one with additional dirty spots and lighting correct.

You imagine you’re at my station, and you’ve brought your motor to me. You’re a burner, yeah, a real motor car. You said you wanna get your order filled, made me shiver when I put it in… pumping just won’t do, you know, luckily for you!

Who would have thought you’d be better at turning screw than me, I do it for my life. Made my drive shaft crank, made my pistons bulge, made my ball bearings melt from the heat.

I’m giving you my room service and you know it’s more than enough… when you spark my plug, you know, I’m in love. You imagine you’re at my station and you’ve brought your motor to me. With all four on the floor I’ll see what’s in store.

Who would have thought you’d be better…

Nice model combination there. The SHEF effect looks a bit weird though.

Man, me want, this is so good man!

Edit: Yeah i say man every other word, deal with it.

Thank you guys, I really appreciate.

Wow, That looks, Hot.

I was expecting Jason Statham doing his dialy physical exercis…acting.
I was going to say “acting”, of course.

The airbrushing makes it look a bit odd. I’d expect her to be dirty and oily not clean and shining when working as a mechanic.

I had tried on brushes as you said. Just add some dirty spots and correct some lighting.

great pose, but the bloom is killing me. Other edits look nice though.

oh baby