The Medic Seeks Help From the Spy Regarding Potential New Ubersaw/Blutsauger Nerfs

"Make it quick."

rate or hate

The posing is excellent except the spy’s legs are posed like he wants to take a piss or is doing some squats.

i really hate to make excuses but that’s just how i always thought his stance was :saddowns:

The angle makes it hard to see what is in the medic’s hands.

No it doesn’t. It’s a shotgun.

It’s okay besides how far away he’s holding the shotgun from his body. Just looks weird.

Well maybe its just the angle you took it from I guess

Strange way of holding a cig.

that’s natural dude :stuck_out_tongue:
Nothing strange about it, not all people hold it in the “V”

Anyway, the legs look funky, other then that, it’s a tad to dark on the shadow part, but good ^^

I didn’t mean that, it kinda looks like he’s gripping it with all his of his fingers, rather than just his index, ring and thumb.