The Melta Cannon

ever been so angry you just wanted to MELT A FUCKING BUILDING and all those assholes in it?

slightly bigger:[/t]

originals, sort of. since i don’t have dynamic shadows in-game i had to paint all the shadows myself, and the left one is the edited version while the right one has just the light layers together and no other editing


Joazzz accept my babis.

Is that poor renegade guardsman fella trying to throw his laughable HL2 grenade at a titan?

As soon as I saw you made this, I knew i was in for something amazing

was not disappointed


yeee he probably thinks Tzeentch watches over him


So yeah, I think this answers my question from 2 days ago when I asked you how well you edited in burning buildings :v:

well tbh torching a place is easy but i’ve never actually tried properly melting one

Awesome, really love the scenebuilding and the renegade flying out of the building.

Thats a spectacular melt effect.

You should do this kind of thing professionally.

Assuming you don’t already do.

If you don’t, I’ll be sad.

I hope that’s a vortex grenade that cultist is holding or he’s going to be in for a very bad day.

Absolutely orgasmic job.

Are those HL2 buildings?

Damn it, I’ll never be that good at editing :suicide:

Well done joazzz

Fallout stuff from the Workshop

i don’t but i sure wish i could

You really should. I’m sure people would love to have you on a digital design team if they looked at the stuff you’ve done.

How does one melt brick?

the same way one melts sand: with enough heat

and 40k physics

It’s called a “MELTa” cannon for a reason.

The meltaguns fires super-heated plasma, hot enough to leave nothing but scorched ground when it has been used in a battle.

Now, imagine that there’s regular footsoldiers in WH40K that use portable versions of these weapons, then add a trench to the equation.

Infantry-portable versions can punch a hole in an MBT no problem, acting as basically anti-tank shotguns.

Now upscale something with that kind of power to be fitted on a Titan. Yeah.

Also, The Imperator can carries a Plasma Annihilator, which is basically an even bigger version that can level city blocks.